Walt Disney’s – Magic wristbands

Walt Disney's - Magic wristbands revoiceindia

Walt Disney Company has created an innovative form of Information Technology system. Their latest customer relationship management product is the Magic wristbands. This band is worn on the wrist and it is utilize for many functions such as the key to the hotel room, ticket entrance, credit card to buy food and other merchandise from Disney World. The Magic Band is the entrance card for all the outings with a simply tap. Each person that wants to experience must make selection while making a choice online beforehand. This new concept of the wristbands is an innovative way and one of a kind, the stellar function about the bands is that it’s used without the usual the pocket to hand transaction with change from the wallet. The concept of the Magic Band of the Disney Company has a resemblance to the D-tech which is at the Demand boutique which is also a Disney initiative.

The Magic band is like an all in one band that will keep the wearer connected and also it will serve as entry card and connection to the Photo Pass of the Disney Parks. The Band has all the personal information for which one needs not have to struggle looking in his or her bag for proof of his /her identity or searching for paper tickets. Additionally, the band serves as a GPS tracking device displaying icons of restaurants, places to check out and visit near the area .The band has a mobile phone customer Relationship Manager system and this technology has immensely changed the turn out percentage over the years to the Disney World Parks.

The company came up with such a band in order to enhance the experience at Disney World and make it more memorable. This new technology will make each visitor more excited to visit the park by reducing waiting time in the rides and lines for other miscellanies events. Additionally, this will stimulate the visitor to spend extra time walking around the park and spending more time around. The new website is utilized to buy the magic band and download the app in My Disney Experience which helps in pre-selecting their choices of their fast Passes. Additionally, also gives consent to the visitor to choose what they would like to do at the park even before they reach the park and before leaving as well.

These Magic bands serve other functions such as their hotel room key, their park ticket, their credit card and their Fast Pass. At the entrance of the park the band it speaks for itself and needs no cash for the entry the guest simply have to tap their bands on a post that has a mickey logo. It has set alarm in it as well which will let know the wearer for the time of a ride without having to stand in a long line.

The band is prearranged and is encoded with the personal details of each patron thus making interactive experience with the sixty thousand Disney world employees in a more personal way. In the past, employees greeted with a simple hello was only generated from an employee who would dress up like Cinderella but now due to the band the guests feel honoured since they are welcomed with their individual name and if it happens to be the birthday, they are wished a happy birthday.

This personalized environment affects the patrons in a positive way and makes them to look forward to visit the park because they feel the warm welcome. On the other hand, the information provided in the band can be opt-in and not all personal details need to be shared. The online menu in the settings control can restrict to which ever privacy option he would or not like to share. The technology needs Wi-Fi setting, therefore Disney World have opted to provide free WI-FI to visitors in every part of the park. In case that the band gets lost or stolen, they visitor can report it immediately and it will be disabled from further use by anyone getting access to it.

The employees have been trained in order to make visitors comfortable and secured. Secondly the customer can use the My Disney Experience app as a precautionary measure. They can use a pin in which have no personal recognizable data and this can be set for any purchases which are worth $50 or maybe more. The band promises to be user friendly however there are loopholes till the time the band isn’t fully utilised and exploited. This can be an effect of lack of familiarity as to the way of using it.

In fact, the magic band can be thought of as a pre-paid card option which serves the purpose of any regular pre-paid card. Thus, it needs to be constant loaded with more money.  The concept is in fact innovative since it provides a person with a tension free experience. And can freely roam in the park without bringing any wallet or bag. Each family can utilize their extra time to make memorable moments while enjoying them with their children and family. Setting aside all the work stress to a side and giving an entire day to the family.

Additionally, Magic plus it has its own loopholes since the band is operate on Wi-Fi. For example, what would happen if the Wi-Fi of is temporarily out of service for some time. Then such a band will be useless for the day and also the payment of almost $30 for the band too goes into waste. Any technology can get into a technological snag and nobody can vouch saying that such an issue will never happen. Therefore, it is highly recommended since it is entirely a cashless and it can pre- loaded with the monetary consideration.

Everything new technology has its own pros and cons and in their regard. There could be an infringement of privacy issues. The new technology has made Disney stand in a debate for dispersion of personal details. Disney is fully capable to record every move of the visitor for a more efficient way of marketing them. In fact, Disney has itself said that their utmost concern is with regarding the children. They do not intent to use their personal information and will not use their information for CRM tactics.