India's policy on China and Pakistan

India’s policy on China and Pakistan

India’s foreign policy is fundamentally based on extending support and friendship and maintaining peace with the neighboring country, as the founder of India’s foreign policy, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru gave utmost importance to world peace in his policy planning and also because he understood the linkage between peace and development which was needed for the survival […]

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Contrasting Approaches to Professional Development Traditional ModelReflective Practice

      Contrasting Approaches to Professional Development Traditional ModelReflective Practice ModelPURPOSEKnowledge acquisitionBehavioral changeASSUMPTIONSChange via standardized knowledgeChange via self-awareness Change RationalChange Rational, emotional, social, cultural   CONTENTKnowledge Knowledge Public Public & personal Given Given & problematic Content Content & process Theory Theory and practice Espoused theory in-use,Behavior Espoused & theories-actions & outcomes Theory/practice Implicit/discreteTheory/practice Explicit/integral   PROCESSDidactic/abstract Dialectic/Experimental Individual, molecular, cognitive Collaborative, holistic, personal Instructor as expert Instructor as facilitator Learner as subordinate Learner as agent Practitioner as passive consumer Practitioner […]

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What exactly is systems theory?

Before going into what exactly is systems theory, I would like to explain why it is essential to study the structure and function of international systems in our study of International Relations. Thinking about international systems in politics is important because it is a necessary part of the analysis and conceptualization process. That is, without […]

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छवि बचाने और गिराने मे माहिर केजरीवाल

छवि बचाने और गिराने मे माहिर केजरीवाल    वैसे तो अरविन्द केजरीवाल राजनीति मे गंदगी साफ करने आए थे । इसलिए उन्होंने उनकी पार्टी का चुनाव चिन्ह भी झाङू रखा था  । पहली बार तो वह मैदान छोड कर चले गये थे! पर दूसरी बार उन्होंने जनता के सामने अपनी इस छवि को सुधारा। वह […]