OnePlus 5 (6GB RAM + 64GB memory)

Review- OnePlus 5

Review- OnePlus 5 (6GB RAM + 64GB memory) The beast is back! No disappointment at all. Loved everything about this phone! Before buying this phone I thought the battery back-up wouldn’t be pronounced. But battery backup of this phone is also sufficient for an average medium user. It will last a full day for sure. […]

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Estimating the Cost of Capital

Estimating the Cost of Capital The Cost of Capital for a company is a “weighted-average” of the costs of the different components of capital.  Generally, only “investor-supplied” capital is considered as source of capital.  Therefore, the following sources of Capital are available to fund future investments and growth opportunities of a company: Long-Term and Medium-Term […]

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Water Shortage

Water Shortage Introduction: In my report I will talk about water shortage, there are two types of water shortage, there is the economic scarcity its where people can’t utilize water because of the expensive equipment, and there is the physical scarcity, and it’s that physical access to water is limited. Water shortage can be caused […]

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सलाह सबसे ज्यादा दी जाती है और सबसे कम ली जाती है

आपको यह मानना पड़ेगा कि सलाह सबसे ज्यादा दी जाती है और सबसे कम ली जाती है । फिर भी देने वाले देने से बाज नहीं आते हैं । सलाह देने  वाला  सिध्द  करना  चाहता  है  कि  जिसे  मैं जानता हूँ , उसे  तुम नहीं जानते हो । वैसे  सलाह और सांत्वना एक ही बिरादरी […]