Top countries where Bitcoin is legal

Top countries where Bitcoin is legal So, let’s outline the top countries where bitcoin is legal. Bitcoin is legal in the United States, partially The US has adopted a positive stance in regards to Bitcoin. Meanwhile, it also has ordered several government bodies to assure that transactions in Bitcoin are carried out only in legal […]

India's policy on China and Pakistan

India’s policy on China and Pakistan

India’s foreign policy is fundamentally based on extending support and friendship and maintaining peace with the neighboring country, as the founder of India’s foreign policy, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru gave utmost importance to world peace in his policy planning and also because he understood the linkage between peace and development which was needed for the survival […]

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Different Types of Judgement

Different Types of Judgement Lies are always changing, the truth stays the same. Different people in the world sometimes say or hear something untrue about their country, life or religion; however, it is terrifying to hear it. This buzz is the signs of the lack of information on the country or life or religion. A […]

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The value of a classical education

There are several areas which will be effective to offer -smart monitor measureable material -for the young mind. History provides several measures that involve queries of morality that need an honest deal of debate and careful reasoning to figure through. When a baby involves the age once he has the flexibility to reason, he typically […]

How to stop cruelty to animals

How to stop cruelty to animals

Introduction : The issue of animal rights has interested me because I saw innocent animals performing in circuses, magic shows and even caged in zoos. Elephants are also used for logging, despite of being against the law, because this make the elephants crippled. The benefit one can get from researching on this topic is, so […]

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The Borlein Health Region – A Case study for strategic Planning

The Borlein Health Region A Case study for strategic Planning   The succeeding list of internal and external stakeholders is grounded on a Public Health Department within a Primary Care Trust: Internal Stakeholders External Stakeholders Chief of Public Health Chief of Health Intelligence and Information Procurement Administrator of Nursing Public Health Planners Public Health Management […]

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Shutter Island – A psychosomatic adventure movie

Plot In 1954, two U.S. Marshals, Edward “Teddy” Daniels and his new partner, Chuck Aule, take a trip to the Ashecliffe Hospital for the illegitimately insane on Shutter Island situated in Boston Harbor, as a major element of an exploration into the fading of patient Rachel Solando, imprisoned for drowning her three children. The horrible […]

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Iron Curtain Speech and Truman Doctrine

Introduction and Importance   The beginning of the Cold War: On March 5, 1946, Winston Churchill, previous Prime Minister of Great Britain, delivered a dialogue at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, in which he gave community acknowledgment to the separation that had arisen amid the previous Allies from World War II. The Soviet Union pursued […]

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What exactly is systems theory?

Before going into what exactly is systems theory, I would like to explain why it is essential to study the structure and function of international systems in our study of International Relations. Thinking about international systems in politics is important because it is a necessary part of the analysis and conceptualization process. That is, without […]

मंदिरों को सरकारी नियंत्रण से मुक्त कोई भी नहीं करेगा revoiceindia

मंदिरों को सरकारी नियंत्रण से मुक्त कोई भी नहीं करेगा??

◆कोंग्रेस पिछले साठ सालो से इस बात पर अड़ी हुयी थी तथा आज भी अड़ी हुई है कि, मंदिरो की संपत्ति और प्रशासन पर सरकार का नियंत्रण होना चाहिए। सरकार ही मंदिरो में आने वाले दान को कहाँ किस पर खर्च करना है यह तय करेगी और ट्रस्टियों की नियुक्ति करेगी। . ◆बीजेपी ने 1990 […]

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कला धन और सरकार

 कला धन और सरकार    काले धन को बाहर निकालने के लिए सरकार हर बार तारीख तय कर देती है, और भूल जाती है । इससे काले धन के स्वामियों को अब  आभास हो गया  है कि भले ही सरकार ने तारीख तय कर दी हो,  पर सरकार इसके लिए न कभी गंभीर थी और न […]