OnePlus 5 (6GB RAM + 64GB memory)

Review- OnePlus 5

Review- OnePlus 5 (6GB RAM + 64GB memory) The beast is back! No disappointment at all. Loved everything about this phone! Before buying this phone I thought the battery back-up wouldn’t be pronounced. But battery backup of this phone is also sufficient for an average medium user. It will last a full day for sure. […]

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Dixie National Forest

  Dixie National Forest   Date of field trip: Name: Phone number: Address: 1789 Wedgewood Ln., Cedar City UT 84720 Email address:   Table of Contents Dixie National Forest. 1 Date of field trip:. 1 Name:. 1 Phone number:. 1 Address: 1789 Wedgewood Ln., Cedar City UT 84720. 1 Email address:. 1 Introduction. 3 Map. […]

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Shutter Island – A psychosomatic adventure movie

Plot In 1954, two U.S. Marshals, Edward “Teddy” Daniels and his new partner, Chuck Aule, take a trip to the Ashecliffe Hospital for the illegitimately insane on Shutter Island situated in Boston Harbor, as a major element of an exploration into the fading of patient Rachel Solando, imprisoned for drowning her three children. The horrible […]

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धर्मातरण का खेल

धर्मातरण का खेल     देश के  कुछ  ग्रामीण और पिछड़े  इलाको में बाहरी लोगों द्वारा धर्मातरण का खेल खेला जा रहा है। धर्मांतरण कराने में जुटे लोगों को कुछ जगहों पर सफलता भी मिल रही है। अब तक कुछ गांवों में कई परिवार हिन्दू धर्म छोड़कर इसाई धर्म कबूल कर चुके हैं।  कुछ गांव के ग्रामीणों […]