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Theoretical Framework

Theoretical Framework In social work practice, the strengths perspective “has emerged as an alternative to the more common pathology-oriented approach to helping clients. Instead of focusing on clients’ problems and deficits, the strengths perspective centers on clients’ abilities, talents, and resources” (Kim, 2008). The strengths-based perspective focuses on emphasizing that every person has a strength. A strength can be […]


The Creating ourselves as a reflective practitioner

    COMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT OF PROJECTS Assignment 3: UTS Subject 15348 The Creating ourselves as a reflective practitioner                                   Contents Cntents. 2 Introduction. 4 Critical Analysis and New perspectives. 5 A.Effective and Reflective exercise/practice. 13 B.Effective and/but unreflective exercise/practice. […]

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Contrasting Approaches to Professional Development Traditional ModelReflective Practice

      Contrasting Approaches to Professional Development Traditional ModelReflective Practice ModelPURPOSEKnowledge acquisitionBehavioral changeASSUMPTIONSChange via standardized knowledgeChange via self-awareness Change RationalChange Rational, emotional, social, cultural   CONTENTKnowledge Knowledge Public Public & personal Given Given & problematic Content Content & process Theory Theory and practice Espoused theory in-use,Behavior Espoused & theories-actions & outcomes Theory/practice Implicit/discreteTheory/practice Explicit/integral   PROCESSDidactic/abstract Dialectic/Experimental Individual, molecular, cognitive Collaborative, holistic, personal Instructor as expert Instructor as facilitator Learner as subordinate Learner as agent Practitioner as passive consumer Practitioner […]

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What is Laughter?

What is Laughter? Laughter is one of the major components of Yoga and the biggest indication of one’s happiness and well being. A miserable or unhappy person hardly enjoys the laughter. For a fortunate human being, healthy body and healthy mind is a natural bliss. But many of us hardly pay heed to our real […]