भगवान पर भरोसा करो बाबाओं पर नही..

जब रावण मां सीता को हरण कर ले गया तब मन्दोदरी ने रावण से प्रश्न किया कि यदि आप की सीता में इतनी आसक्ति है तो आप राम का वेश बनाकर भी सीता को ला सकते थे ,साधु का वेश क्यों बनाया ???? रावण ने उत्तर दिया …प्रिये…जब मैने राम के वेश के बारे में […]


The Creating ourselves as a reflective practitioner

    COMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT OF PROJECTS Assignment 3: UTS Subject 15348 The Creating ourselves as a reflective practitioner                                   Contents Cntents. 2 Introduction. 4 Critical Analysis and New perspectives. 5 A.Effective and Reflective exercise/practice. 13 B.Effective and/but unreflective exercise/practice. […]

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Hitler Hitler was born in Austria in year 1889. Later he rose to power in German politics. He was the leader of the “Nazi” Party. Hitler became chancellor of Germany in 1933, and after one year in 1934 he acted as dictator. His extremely strong and violent policies precipitated World War II (and Holocaust). Hitler’s […]