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मांस का मूल्य

💫 💫 💫 🐮 *मांस का मूल्य*💰 मगध सम्राट बिंन्दुसार ने एक बार अपनी सभा मे पूछा : देश की खाद्य समस्या को सुलझाने के लिए *सबसे सस्ती वस्तु क्या है ?* मंत्री परिषद् तथा अन्य सदस्य सोच में पड़ गये ! चावल, गेहूं, ज्वार, बाजरा आदि तो बहुत श्रम के बाद मिलते हैं और […]

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Different Types of Judgement

Different Types of Judgement Lies are always changing, the truth stays the same. Different people in the world sometimes say or hear something untrue about their country, life or religion; however, it is terrifying to hear it. This buzz is the signs of the lack of information on the country or life or religion. A […]


The Creating ourselves as a reflective practitioner

    COMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT OF PROJECTS Assignment 3: UTS Subject 15348 The Creating ourselves as a reflective practitioner                                   Contents Cntents. 2 Introduction. 4 Critical Analysis and New perspectives. 5 A.Effective and Reflective exercise/practice. 13 B.Effective and/but unreflective exercise/practice. […]

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Green Iowa AmeriCorps

On the 7th of April I volunteered in the Green Iowa AmeriCorps. The Green Iowa AmeriCorps is one among many programs that help in changing the society through its community services which aims at improving the civic categories and help the people to abide by them and also making them realise its worth. The aim […]