shame on you axix bank

यह विज्ञापन क्या संदेश दे रहा है समाज को ? #shameAxixBank

अभी पिछले *कुछ दिनों से टी वी के सभी चैंनलों पर Axis bank के होम फाइनेंस का विज्ञापन दिखाया जा रहा है।*जिसमे एक कार में माँ बेटा बैठे हुए आपस मे बात कर रहे है, जिसमे माँ बेटे से उसकी शादी के पहले ही अलग मकान लेने कह रही है, बेटा वजह पूछता है तो […]

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The Airbus A350: Thermo/fluid dynamics principles

The Problem   Hallam Engineering which is a Limited Partnership consultancy firm was approached by Airbus to provide engineering expertise to analyze the A350 and recommended design changes to improve the product or operation. The task includes A350 to be analyzed to assess the current performance and use the information obtained to make an informed […]

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Pappus Theorem -Machine Design

Pappus Theorem Machine Design Group Members Abstract   There are two Theorem associated with Pappus Surface of Revolution and Body of Revolution. Both the theorem has numerous applications in real life situations. This research paper was conducted to find out what are these theorems by means of lieterature review and the how can these theorems […]

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Hitler Introduction Hitler was born in Austria in year 1889. Later he rose to power in German politics. He was the leader of the “Nazi” Party. Hitler became chancellor of Germany in 1933, and after one year in 1934 he acted as dictator. His extremely strong and violent policies precipitated World War II (and Holocaust). […]