Supervisor -backbone to any organization

Supervisor -backbone to any organization revoiceindia

Supervisor works as a backbone to any organization. Operation for any process or organization can run smoothly only till the time supervisors remain engaged, empowered, updated and flexible to adapt to the changes. Re-engineering is also a kind of change that is meant to re-design the way a business’s core process works. This aims at making the business process more effective and efficient. Due to this element of improvisation and change, re-engineering too at times poses a threat in Supervisor’s mind and might cause anxiety or insecurity among them as, in most of the cases, re-engineering or improvisation can lead to downsizing too. This is where a Supervisor’s vision and open mindedness helps in coping up with the uncertainty and inhibitions in an effective and constructive manner. Instead of worrying about job- security in such situation, a visionary supervisory should contemplate empowerment and think of ways to delegate things that can be delegated, supervisor should see how he/she can fit in the ‘Big picture’ and prove to be more constructive. Supervisors in different management styles act differently under various circumstances. In Job organization system – a supervisor too needs to be well organized and needs to have strict control over subordinates and situation thus, his role becomes more critical and demanding. On the contrary, Cooperative Motivation system is people driven rigid control over employees is not plausible. Variability of work also determines what role a supervisor would play in an organization- if the work is repetitive, it doesn’t require supervision at all stages. However, if the work is not repetitive, involves lot of activities then a supervisor’s guidance is constantly required to guide the people he supervises. Moreover, a supervisor needs be more active in terms of controlling and supervising for workers that are spread out in a large area or are unskilled.  It would be easier to manage resources and workers that are professional and are closely located at work place.

Healthcare sector has different set of expectations from its supervisors. Health Maintenance Act 1973 and Balanced Budget act has created different set of expectations in terms of providing the best health care to the masses at an affordable price. So, the role of supervisors in this sector has also grown bigger and demanding. Supervisors need to wear two hats and stay on their toes in Health sector – they are expected to be functional specialists and efficient managers too. An equilibrium needs to be maintained between supervisors who are functional specialists and are handling managerial or supervisory roles too. If a supervisor is too much into managing work and people, his functional specialization might remain underutilised. It is assumed that a supervisor doesn’t have much to do and his job is limited to assigning task to workers, ensuring work is done, listen to what should and shouldn’t be done, contemplating how things could have been done more effectively and other silly things. However, that is not the case. Supervisors are first line of contact between the organization and actual performance when it comes to delivering the best care to the patients.  Management’s role too is crucial in determining that these supervisors get appropriate amount of support to ensure effective delivery of service to the patients that rely on them – this can be done only with apt coordination between these first-line supervisors and management. The goals of these supervisors need to be aligned with that of organization to create a fulfilling and rewarding relationship and deliver excellence.

Supervisors once given the right environment and resources to perform should ensure that they also prove to be valuable and indispensible to the organization by constantly developing their skills. They need to stay motivated and should be able to inculcate positivity among the workers too. Being open to feedback and listening to the peers can also work in a constructive way for them. There might be situation when one needs to compromise a bit if situation demands, so a supervisor should be open and flexible enough to handle it gracefully. This will not only make things easier for him / her but also help in creating a bond with other employees – winning over people can work wonders while handling tough situations. Functional supervisors can be great at managing work and people to and wear both hats efficiently if they are able to strike a balance.