Movie review and Summary- Turbo (2013)

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Turbo (2013)

Content and Theme Analysis

Turbo is a Hollywood 3-d animated movie under the comedy-sport genre. The story focuses on the ordinary-garden snail named Theo that has extraordinary dreams. One of them is to become the fastest snail in the world. However, he lived in a community where everyone thought that he was crazy because of his dreams. Since he believes that his dream will be never fulfilled if he will continue to live with other snails who do not believe in this capacity. However, an accident made him consume nitrous oxide that affected his DNA, which made him super fast.

The first theme of the movie is about chasing one’s dreams. Guy Gagne, Turbo’s inspiration to be involved in a race, highlights this theme by stating to an interview that “No Dream is Too Big.” In addition, the movie also revolves around Theo’s dream, to become an Indy 500 Champion until he reached his dream in the end of the movie. The film also highlighted that when people have extraordinary goals, they also need to face and overcome various obstacles. The first barrier that Theo has to face is the nature of being a snail. Snails are known for being an extremely slow-moving creatures and it would be impossible for a snail to win a racing contests. Fortunately, he was able to overcome this great obstacle when he accidentally consumed nitrous oxide.

Another barrier is the lack of support from the people who should give needed support including his family and neighbors. However, an incident forced the two to leave the snail community. His brother Chet was caught by a crow and Theo had no choice but to chase the crows and rescue his brother. After the successful rescue, they got caught by Tito Lopez who later befriends them in the process. His last obstacle is his inspiration Guy Gagne, because the latter do not want to accept that he would lose his championship title to a snail.

The second theme highlights friendship. Theo found new friends in a new snail community. His new friends include Tito and other snails including Smoove Move, Whiplash and Burn. This friendship played an important role for Theo’s fame and achievement. For example, his new snail friends fought against some humans so that Turbo could show his capability as the fastest snail.

The third major theme is the concept called being different or an outcast. Theo does not only have the craziest dreams, but he is also extremely different compared to other snails. However, being different did not prevent him from achieving his dreams since the main reason why he is unique is because of his ambition. No other snail has a big ambition as his.

Music Analysis

When Turbo waits for the clock to reach 2:00, the background music has an extremely low volume with a slow tempo. The melody reinforces the feeling of waiting. When people are waiting, they feel like the time moves slowly. Furthermore, people tend to get bored every time they wait. However, once the 2:00 strikes, the music becomes louder and has a fast tempo. The sound also becomes more energetic. The movie played this melody when Theo is practicing to race. Racing involves speed. Any action or situation that involves speed such as racing or running requires music with loud volume and fast tempo despite the fact that a very slow snail attempts to race. Even though Theo is a snail, he has this energetic vibe because of his willingness to compete in a race.

In a scene when a snail community woke up to start a new day, a melody with soft volume with a happy mood and a moderate tempo. The music aims to introduce to the audience that the snail community is contended and happy with their lives. However, only Theo is not contended to his current situation unlike the rest of the snails even though they face eminent dangers such as getting eaten by crows.

After Turbo’s failed attempt to get the tomato on the ground, the audience will hear a depressing music with a soft volume and an extremely slow tempo. Slow tempo and low volume is commonly associated with slow movements or sad situations. Turbo feels miserable because his brother said that their nature as a snail will make impossible for him to achieve his dream. As he walks miserably on the highway, the audience will hear the same sad melody. The music wanted to show that Turbo feels depressed since it would be impossible to chase for his dreams as a racer.

Turbo slowly crawled on the highway and reached the top of the skyway. He then witnessed the speeding vehicles on the highway. The melody became louder and its tempo becomes moderate from slow. The mood of the music is something grand since something significant would happen to Turbo. The grandness of the music also demonstrates the amazement of Theo when he saw the speeding vehicles along the highway. However, when Theo was thrown by the wind from the speeding truck, the tempo becomes faster, the sound becomes louder. Because it happened so fast, the music will surely increase its pace since fast tempo is often associated with rapid events. Later, a rock music was then played when the racing cars starts to race. Rock music usually represents the youth or the modern people as well as the sense. The music shows that the young people organized the race and the event is exciting for them.