Movie review and Summary -Puss in Boots (2011 Film)

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Puss in Boots (2011 Film)

Content and Theme Analysis

Puss in Boots is a comedy-action computer animated film based on the story of the characters in Shrek movie franchise named Puss in Boots. This film explains how Puss in Boots was considered as a fugitive as well as the true nature of his character. The story also includes people that shaped Puss’ personality and those that have great influence in his life including his best friend Humpty Dumpy and Imelda, his adoptive human mother.  He came back from his hometown after escaping from a cage to check his hometown while celebrating the Feast of Fire and the Chicken. After an almost encounter with the patrons of the bar, he found out that the magic beans that he has been searching for years do exists. However, he needs to steal it from the couple Jack and Jill. The entire story focuses on magic beans and the golden goose’s egg.

One of the major themes of the movie focuses on friendship and trust. Puss and Humpty first built their friendship out of trust. When Puss found on that Humpty was searching for the magic beans, Puss promise that he will not reveal his secret to everyone. This truce eventually resulted to friendship. However, betrayal destroyed the friendship between the two because Humpty chose fame and money over his friendship with Puss. He also established friendship with Kitty Soft Paws because of trust. Puss also trusts Imelda very much because she served as his adoptive mother for a long time. Imelda, in turn, always says to her adoptive sons that she always trusts them and always believed in the kindness in the hearts of Puss and Humpty.

Another major theme involves mother and children relationship. Imelda served as the adoptive mother of orphans. Even though these children were not hers by blood, she treated them as her children of her own. The goose mother also did not stop searching for her golden chick because protecting her children from intruders is an expected behavior of a mother. The importance of having a mother or a guardian is also shown in the movie. Puss personality and character is basically shaped by the way how her adoptive mother treated her.

The life of outlaws and fugitives is also another major theme since important characters in the movie mainly consists of outlaws. Puss and Kitty Soft Paws were considered as outlaws hiding from the law enforcement. However, unlike Kitty Soft Paws, Puss wants to clear his name. Humpty Dumpty was also hiding from the law, which is the reason he prefers implementing missions discretely. Jack and Jill were also fugitives because they are not afraid of killing any body.

Music Analysis

While the Dreamworks logo was shown in the screen, Mexican-cowboy music can be heard in the background. The melody has a fast tempo with loud volume and it has an energetic tone. The energetic tone indicates that the main characters were full of energy and the actions involved in the movie were mainly fast paced such as escaping from the castle and from the law enforcements and running from other fugitives. When Puss was preparing to leave Rosa and to escape from his captor, Mexican-cowboy music with moderate tempo with loud volume can be heard. The tune introduces the audience to the main character, Puss in Boots. The producers chose the Mexican style of music to show that the setting of the story is somewhere in Mexico, where Puss was born and lived.

In the scene when Puss tries to escape, the musical background has an extremely low volume and the tempo was very slow. Because the movement of Puss was slow, then the melody should have a low volume and slow tempo. However, the music increases its pace and its volume becomes louder when he got almost caught by his captor. Faster tempo and louder volume is usually associated with fast movements such as running and escaping.

Another Mexican music was used when the title of the movie was shown since the music attempts to introduce a Mexican character to the audience. During the Festival of Fire, the audience will hear a cheery festive music using Mexican instruments. The tempo is fast and the volume is high. Festive music represents happy events such as celebrations and feasts. Mexican instruments were used to suggest that the festivity was held in a town somewhere in Mexico.

However, when Puss arrived inside the saloon, the music changed into a whistle sound, cowboy style. People usually hear cowboy-style whistle every time the character is entering a bar saloon somewhere in the west. The sound suggest that Puss is now inside the bar saloon. Saloons, however, is also associated with violent encounter. In this sense, the melody also helps the audience realize that the main character might face a violent encounter against the selected patrons of the bar.

When the audience first seen the carriage of Jack and Jill, an eerie and grim Jack and Jill was played. The seriousness of its mood suggests that Jack and Jill were no non-sense people and Puss should be serious dealing with them. The eeriness indicates that the couple is violent and they can injure or kill anyone who is a barrier for them from achieving their goal.

In the scene when Humpty was rolling on the sand, the music was somehow cheerful with fast tempo, but with low volume. The low volume suggests that they are trying to find something. Low volume is usually associated with sneaking or searching scenes. The cheeriness of music implies that the main characters were excited for something they are about to see, which is the growth of magic beans.