IBM is transforming the Rashtrapati Bhawan into a smart township

Photo credit:IBM

Today, IBM declared that its “Smart City” arrangements have been sent for the advanced change of none other than the Presidential Estate. The self-maintaining bequest that is spread crosswise over 330 sections of land of area and is home to more than 5000 inhabitants is receiving IBM’s innovation to wind up future prepared.


IBM’s ” Intelligent Operations Centre ” gathers and understand the rich information spilling in from a few sources inside the Estate to give noteworthy bits of knowledge. It offers coordinated information representation, close continuous joint effort and profound examination to upgrade the progressing productivity that will enhance the proficiency of administrations for its inhabitants.


A ” Citizens Mobile App “, made by IBM IOC, was likewise dispatched, which permits inhabitants to report issues utilizing the web and versatile. The information from reported perception will be supplied to city workplaces, where they can utilize the bits of knowledge to settle on educated choices.


The Rashtrapati Bhavan has stood observer to India’s change as the decade progressed – right from freedom to the computerized time. The dynamic standpoint is further exemplified by the computerized change that upgrades its notoriety for being the workplace and living arrangement of the President of the biggest majority rules system on the planet.

“Rashtrapati Bhavan is an iconic representation of India’s Smart City vision. It is a proud moment for all of us and the beginning of a great journey. We are honored to be their partner in enabling this transformation,” said Vanitha Narayanan, MD, IBM India Pvt. Ltd.


As a piece of this vital engagement, IBM built up the vision and nitty gritty guide for the change of the Presidents bequest into a smart township. IBM has made the business engineering and working techniques, executed the innovation stage and arrangements, and is dealing with the whole innovation organization. For the “Presidential Estate’s dynamic advanced change” IBM will give the accompanying:


“Smart Energy Management”: With more than 1500 private condo and sufficiently bright open spaces the Presidential Estate expends more than one-lakh units of power every day. IBM incorporated its IOC framework with electrical charging framework. Information on utilization examples of buyers, open and regular ranges, inside the home, is being gathered to improve vitality administration. Furthermore, more current, eco-accommodating innovation, for example, sun oriented force, LED lights for road lighting and different applications to diminish vitality utilizations are conveyed.


“Smart Water Management”: The water administration at the Estate depended vigorously on manual insight. IBM mapped all water space resources, for example, underground water supplies, pump areas and tube well resources. The whole water dispersion pipeline was mapped on a “Land Information Systems” (GIS) layer. Through IBM IOC framework exact data about the dispersion system will empower quicker demonstrative and determination of water episodes. Besides, inhabitants will have the capacity to track gripes progressively.


“Smart Waste and Horticulture Management”: IBM mapped waste administration end to end from waste canister accumulations, rickshaw courses, transfers, landfill, and preparing, on to its IOC framework. An interface was made for individuals to create measurements on various types of waste. Digitized waste lifecycle measurements and patterns helped significant divisions examine bits of knowledge and enhance procedures to empower convenient activities. A Mobile App stage helps groups in keeping up a cleaner Estate.


“Smart Security Systems”: IBM incorporated its IOC framework with e-guest to encourage examinations of every one of guests’ measurements. IBM IOC is likewise utilized for auto alarms and to produce warnings for forthcoming occasions empowering groups to work together crosswise over offices and plan all in all for an up and coming occasion


The organization to rethink the Rashtrapati Bhavan and the Estate in the computerized age was marked today within the sight of President Pranab Mukherjee. Minister of Telecommunications and IT Ravi Shankar Prasad were additionally present amid the event.




The IBM group started takes a shot at the venture a year back. “It was a magnificent association given that they were taking a gander at empowering computerized answers for enhancing the life of the occupants,” said an IBM representative.


Speaking on the occasion, President Mukherjee said, “The journey to improve the living standards of the Estate community is a never-ending process. There is always a possibility to add a coat of paint to make a wall a shade brighter.”


“If I were to use a word to describe a human emotion associated with this ongoing transformation of quality of life in the township, it will be happiness. It is happiness that holds the key to the well-being of people and for the development of human society. Today, recognizing the smiles on the faces of my people, I will like to add one more ‘H’ to our model of 3H, and that is ‘Happiness’. From now, our Smart President’s Estate will work around the ‘4H’ theme of a Humane, Hi-tech, Heritage and Happy Township,” the President said.


“When I assumed office as the 13th President, I did not know that behind the imposing facade of the Rashtrapati Bhavan, there is a vibrant township of 6,000 residents. It is a microcosm of India. The residents belong to different regions, pursue different faiths, and observe diverse customs,” President Mukherjee said in his inauguration speech.



The President said that when he was first presented with the idea of transforming the estate, by his internal team, he wanted to fashion it as “a 3H” township: human, high-tech, and heritage. The new system, he said, will lead to more realization from less. “Our smart President’s state will work around four Hs.” The fourth ‘h’ is for happiness