How to stop cruelty to animals

How to stop cruelty to animals

Introduction :

The issue of animal rights has interested me because I saw innocent animals performing in circuses, magic shows and even caged in zoos. Elephants are also used for logging, despite of being against the law, because this make the elephants crippled. The benefit one can get from researching on this topic is, so that the message spreads across all the world, that animals are poached for their body parts, are being killed or kept imprisoned for entertainment or logging and they suffer due to these acts of cruelty. Thus we need to find answers to “How can we stop Elephant abuse?” “How to stop cruelty to animals?”

Hence to summarize my theory on animal rights I would say that there should be more laws passed regarding animal rights and they should be passed by the Government of India. In Article 51A (g), 15 laws have been passed in legislation related to animal welfare. Rights had been proposed by Maneka Gandhi on 11th of August 2010 in the Parliament. FBI in 2014 too passed federal laws for animal welfare.

The known issues of hunting is one of the biggest problems in Africa. 1200 tusks were discovered in Tanzania which is evidence that elephants are being poached. The South African Government has put a proposal that money gained from sale of ivory and hides stockpiled by the national parks through natural mortality and animal control. That money would be used for elephant management programmes, but conservationists are against making the ivory trade legal as it would also encourage illegal poaching. Same is the case with Rhinos. If it becomes legal, would decrease its value and would also in turn decrease the attraction for poaching. Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, wherein in Appendix I, states that trade in live animals and animal products is illegal. Money can be earned by eco tourism industry instead of poaching.


The kind of information one should be looking for is the knowledge of the different laws passed by the Government for protection of animal welfare. These laws should be broadcast and people should be made aware of it, to stop animal abuse. This can be done by sending pamphlets, putting notices and also by showing through means of media, such as TV or radio. Hence to stop animal abuse, there can be surveys done. The survey results can be posted online. Even interviews can be taken with animal activists, on steps and guidance on how to go about, to stop animal abuse. One such activist is John Darroch, who tells us, we can do our bit by working at animal sanctuaries, do vegan baking and have talks about animal rights to people at stalls.


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