Discover Your Mystery Woman Within” by author Shweta Tiwari- From Fat to Fit-Gift yourself the Wholeness (Book Review)


Discover Your Mystery Woman Within” by author Shweta Tiwari- From Fat to Fit-Gift yourself the Wholeness (Book Review)

Women always tend to complain about their body in general. We as humans on the other hand always have looked at fat people disapprovingly, many a times degrading the morale of those on the receiving end of all these nasty talks and looks that we give to fat people. This issue in turn have caused a lot of problem in strengthening the self-confidence and self-respect that we need to lead a successful life. Especially, at times like these when competition is intense and everybody needs every iota of that confidence to win the race. We do need to live a slim life, but what we need to understand is that being slim does not put being fat in a bad light, it is just an understanding that being fat means having health issues. Only people who are truly concerned over one’s health will ever talk sincerely about weight issues.

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The above mentioned book comes as respite for many of those who are struggling with the above mentioned problem. Being fat may be a genetic problem and also a lifestyle problem too. But by following what the book has to offer, people, especially women can claim back the life of wholeness, that one thing they have always felt missing. Why women, is the question anyone who picks this book up will surely ask.  We live in a culture that has imprinted in the minds of every woman that their outer appearance is what matters, making life more materialistic than meaningful.

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By reading this book we lead a journey into finding the woman within who is full of power, life, and creativity. We tend to unlock the mysteries of being a women not just physically but both mentally and spiritually as well, and all these comes to us with this healthy living the book has to offer in the various ways that can only be understood and has been wonderfully brought to light through it. A must read for all the women out there who feel there is no breaking of the monotonous life they are leading, be it at work or at home.

“For the longest time, I had no clue what it meant to be a true woman. Why does it matter? What does it mean to live out genuine, real womanhood? Before we can answer this question, we must comprehend why we were shaped uniquely woman. We must appreciate the purpose of any of God’s creation. This book is for you! If you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything. This book will guide you to understand yourself. If you are struggling or struggled with issues like emotions, relationships, self-esteem, weight loss, Physical looks or anything, you must read this book. From early age to old, a woman goes through various physical and emotional changes such as Periods, marriage, pregnancy, motherhood and so on. All these stages are unique and one’s personal experience adds complexity to it. This book will guide you to prepare and understand for the stages to come and understand the reasons behind the past incidences.”

Shweta Tiwari