“Cards Against Humanity”


“Cards Against Humanity”

The tag line of this card game suggests – A party game for horrible people. If you have ever come across this game or know of people who own it, make sure you do not get too judgemental. This game is truly evil to its core. It will make you say the dirtiest of things that can be also included as the sin of the tongue we so want to avoid. If you have a desire to win you need to stoop very low in this game.

It brings out the most evil person in you. It may sound very wrong in the beginning with all the above mentioned description, but this game is basically for people who are open-minded and are ready to insult not just their beloved celebrities, idols but also god/s. However, once you do find a crowd willing to take a risk and play it with you, you will end up in laughter riots, getting to know one another in a way you can never imagine. It takes playing this card to actually realise the fun that it brings.


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