A Journey from Thoughts to One’s Fortune

A Journey from Thoughts to One’s Fortune revoiceindia

A Journey from Thoughts to One’s Fortune

Mind is a place where thoughts keep generating and pass by.  The nature of these thoughts is both positive and negative. Seldom are we able to catch all these thoughts on a positive note. Whenever we try to recognize them, we try to hold them as per our needs and condition. This is the course of selection which sets the field for these thoughts to become our action.

If this selection of thoughts is poor, it results into our poor action.  If we are able to hold right thoughts, our action will be right and vice versa. Positive thoughts always mould the nature of our in a positive direction which help us gain positive energy whereas negative thoughts sets the negativity of our action and energy.

In short, thoughts that are generated in our mind are of dual nature which set the nature of our action. If thought selection is negative, our actions are bad. Likewise, if our thought selection is good, our actions are good.

Further, our actions become our attitude. If our actions are good, our attitude will be good and positive, and vice versa. Late on, our attitude becomes our personality.  The one with native attitude, bears a poor personality while the one with positive attitude, enjoys a pleasant personality. The impact of personality is reflected in one’s fortune or misfortune.

In concluding part, it is rightly said that adherence to poor or negative thoughts always lead to one’s misfortune and adopting positive thoughts sets our ways to be fortunate souls , always engrossed with positive energy and spirit.

Yoga and meditation helps us choose positive thoughts to be one with right action. Right actions will become our personality which in turn, shapes the nature of our good fortune. Meditation increases our concentration and this concentration opens the gates of our wisdom which always holds positive thoughts to bless us with a favorable fortune.

Dr Rajesh Kumar Mangla