What is Laughter?


What is Laughter?

Laughter is one of the major components of Yoga and the biggest indication of one’s happiness and well being. A miserable or unhappy person hardly enjoys the laughter. For a fortunate human being, healthy body and healthy mind is a natural bliss. But many of us hardly pay heed to our real happiness and we keep deploring what we have not or we do not possess. Laughter has a great contribution in our overall sense of well-being.

On mental ground, laughter is tool of delight which enhances the zest of life. It eases pain and anxiety and creates resilience to reduce the stress level. Socially, Laughter helps us to resolve our conflicts, build team spirit and thus strengthens our relationships with the outer world.

Basically, the quality of laughing naturally and frequently is a wonderful resource for supporting both corporeal and emotional health and to keep us off from growing obstacles of a pleasant life. This is the reason why we say that laughter is our birthright and an essential part of our happy life.  Someone has rightly said that,


 “Infants begin smiling during the first weeks of life and laugh out loud within months of being born. Even if you did not grow up in a household where laughter was a common sound, you can learn to laugh at any stage of life.”

Mechanism of laughter


In fact, laughter is the vital component of breathing out process ie exhalation. When we breathe in and retain it for few seconds, breathing out process comes up automatically. If we happen to keep our mouth shut and let the inside air go out slowly without causing any audible sound, it is called smile. Similarly if we let the inside air goes out with continual strokes and frictional sound keeping our lips tightly together, it becomes a silent laughter without any audible noise. A thorough and complete laughter is that breathing out of inside air which passes out through our mouth with audible and frictional sound, spreading our mouth to the maximum extent.

The beauty of this is of paramount importance as we can enjoy this comprehensive laughter to get its advantages for the benefit for our physical and mental health regardless of whether we are in state of happiness or not.



Scope of laughter


Stress is a major impediment to humor and laughter. Laughter keeps us cool and helps us keep an affirmative and optimistic attitude even in difficult situations of disappointment or loss. People who laugh experience less pain and less bothered by the stress they have. Laughter may not be the complete solution of all ailments but it can help us overcome our discomfort level to a certain extent.

Every individual being is deeply engrossed with the worldly pleasures in life. Right from the time when one comes to senses, is mad to acquire all those possessions which he thinks are the component of his happiness. In the course of acquiring these things, he gets himself gripped in the clutches of stress of one or other type. We forget the natural joy of life in this blind pursuit. That’s why a sad face and prosaic attitude reflect the one’s personality. Natural joy of life lies in the natural life style which is a reflection in one’s natural smile and natural laughter. A sad person is never interested in his smiles and laughter while a happy person hardly lacks his natural smile and laughter. Despite all odds in life, if we keep smiling and keep making strokes of laughter in our life, we can realize the beautiful bliss of happiness.

So we should focus on seeking the every possible laughable moment in our day to day life. Besides, the quality of laughing at ourselves makes us attractive to others and can help relieve your own stress.

Laughter is, in broader sense, is the greatest bliss of Almighty that we, all human beings should enjoy. It is not only the indication of our true happiness but also it is the panacea of all sort of pathos and stress in this mortal world. Let us discuss various aspects of laughter in terms of scope, utility and changes in our body. It does not only strengthen our immune system but also enhances significance in life.

Utility of laughter

Try to smile and then turn it into a forced laughter even if for no reason at all. Once we do it, realize how relax we feel. We feel that our tense muscles are relaxed a little. Don’t we feel more calm and cool? Isn’t a natural wonder of laughter in stress moments?

Hardly does anything works so faster in bringing our body and mind back into equilibrium than a natural laughter. It lightens our burdens, revives our hopes, and keeps us alert, and attentive.

Laughter brings vigorous physical our energy level in our body. It diminishes bitterness, and protects us from the detrimental impacts of stress and oddities of life. Ironically, we can avail this priceless medicine of laughter free of cost. In thick words laughter takes you to an upper position where we can view the huge planet from a more stress-free, artistic, and impartial viewpoint. In simple words, laughter is a great remedy to stress, pain and sufferings.


Our ability to laugh can be refined with the elements of fun and oddity. Interestingly, laughter adds on the beauty of our happiness when we share it with others. Essentially, efforts should be made to incorporate humor and laughter in the firmament of life.


Scientific Viewpoint:

The benefits of laughter are scientifically confirmed. Scientists have gone through brain waves and their disposition in the happy centers of the brain. In fact, Laughter is the wonderful remedy which reduces stress hormones and strengthens immune cells improving our resistance to infection.

When we laugh, our muscles contract and it increases the flow of blood and oxygenation . Thus laughter relaxes our bodily muscles and opens blood vessels which boost blood circulation.  It saves us from cardiovascular problems, particularly against the heart attack.

Besides, laughter stimulates the heart and lungs causing the release of endorphins responsible for the upholding our overall sense of well-being relieving pain and stress.

Endorphins are basically the hormones released by the brain and nervous system, and they help us feel stress-free physically, mentally and psychologically. These Endorphins have several physiological functions including an analgesic effect which lessen the feeling of pain and arouse positive sensation.


Our heart and brain for better functioning always require the sound flowing of oxygen in the blood and laughter does it perfectly.

“The endothelium is the first line in the development of atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries,” said Dr. Miller. “So given the results of our study, it is conceivable that laughing may be important to maintain a healthy endothelium. And reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.”

“It’s also possible that laughter boosts levels of nitric oxide in artery walls. Nitric oxide is known to play a role in the dilation of the endothelium. “Perhaps mental stress leads to a breakdown in nitric oxide or inhibits a stimulus to produce nitric oxide that results in vasoconstriction.”

Dr. Miller offers a simple prescription that “Thirty minutes of exercise three times a week, and 15 minutes of laughter on a daily basis is probably good for the vascular system.”

Emotionally health

Laughter establishes — or restores — a positive emotional climate and a sense of connection between two people, In fact, the important function of laughter is to bring individuals together.

Sometimes the complexity of our work requires creativity for solving problems. Its role in intimate relationships is to synchronize the mind of speaker and listener in order to attune them emotionally. Thus it helps in the improvement of emotional ambience which in turn improves our job performance.