11. Fire HD 7” Tablet (2014 Edition)


Fire HD 7” Tablet (2014 Edition)

Renamed by the Amazon brand, this was a part of the kindle series but a new one. The Fire HD tablet boasts of the many exclusive features of the Kindle HDX 7”, however, this come at a superior quality in terms of its display. This tablet has over million pixels and comes a lot closer to image and colour quality. With the Amazon Underground in built exclusive app store, this is definitely a part of a new series.

What is fun and amazing in this series is that the tablet comes in five different colours. They have 16 GB storage capacity and many of the unlimited Amazon content cloud storage. This is sleek and beautiful. The colour options is the best feature according to me because it takes away the boring professional look that tablets usually have. It is supposed to also be for fun so let us make it!

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